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September 1, 2020

Vita Cafe Rebranding

The Vita Cafe team approached me for support in optimizing their branding concept, as well as visual identity system & development.
Together with the Vita Cafe team, we set out to explore opportunities for this new Cafe. We took note of and focused on the founders’ idealism that work-life balance is, indeed, not for everyone. This becomes a perfect match for a segment we termed as ‘Highly Productive Millennials’, the go-getters for goals and dreams who are unbound by the 9-to-5 rule. We therefore decided to use this idea as our stepping stone.
Most of these highly productive millennials use their favorite coffee shops as frequent meeting points, for both work and hangout—but why? Unlike the ‘daily-breaders’ who go through daily life as it is, they always try to impose a sense of ‘being-productive’ even on regular activities. For them, a hangout is a casual networking session, event attendance is live learning, working in a busy cafe is a way to stimulate new ideas, and so on. Aside from the atmosphere, the Coffee and tea cafe itself has been known as their go-to productivity starter—always ready whether for delivery or on the go, a handy boost for their productivity, anytime, anywhere.
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